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The First Enemy Boss Ship! May 10, 2009

Posted by tjerkw in News.

Today I created the 3d model for the first boss enemy ship. All ships are premodelled in 3d with the open source tool called Blender. Then I render some images which can be used to create sprites for the game. 

To show you how the boss looks I created an 3d camera-fly-over animation, check it out:

Also an image that was rendered from above (thats how they well be used in the game):

Image of the new (and first) enemy boss

Image of the new (and first) enemy boss

Now that the sprites are ready I have to create the game-logic and code to make the new boss really a part of the game! 

Apart from that I have also created new explosion sprites this week, because i was not happy with the previous explosions sprites. Again Blender was used to create the images (blender has a powerful of particle engine, ideal for explosions).

I created two types of explosions: circle-wave explosions (with a hole in the middle) and solid explosions (without the hole). Some images of the explosions can be seen below:



1. DarkPlg - April 22, 2010

Hi, I’m a blender/Android user ^^
I’d like to know if you used the internal blender’s game engine for your game or if you coded manually.

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