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Boss Logic, Level Logic & more May 25, 2009

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Did some work on the game this weekend. Here is a list: 

  • Code logic for boss-enemies
  • Implemented one new boss enemy (See screenshots)
  • Implemented game logic for levels (boss health barr, exit when level is completed)
  • Added a level-progressbar to the right which shows how far you are in a level
  • Added new graphics for messages during gameplay (see screenshots)
  • Now game loading is done in seperate thread, and one sees a loadprogressbar before the game is loaded
  • And more (which i cant remember 🙂

The initial work for multiple levels and multiple dificulties is done. So thats next on my list.

Here a screenshots with some new features:

New Features

I am coming closer to finishing the game!  However it will take some time.

Shall i put a beta version for free on the android market?



1. Eric Kok - June 5, 2009

Ziet er echt super uit. Knap werk. Ben benieuws naar het eindresultaat (of is er al een testversie 😉 ).

Groet, Transdroid-ontwikkelaar Eric

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