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Game Update: Better Controls June 16, 2009

Posted by tjerkw in Uncategorized.

A new update is available on the market. If you’re on an android phone: goto the market to check the game. Otherwise check the game in the market here. It has the following improvements:

  • Better controls with accelerometer
  • Joystick visualizes accelerometer effect
  • Joystick can be used by dragging it on the screen (overrides accelerometer)
  • Smaller game size: decreased the size of some sprites and did some other optimizations (4.7MB after unpacking, so decreased by almost 2MB)

The game is still to easy but the priorities now are the controls. I think they work nicely now and its time to make the levels more interesting. Coming closer to the final game!

By the way: some users report that the boss cause the game to lag. I do not have this problem on my HTC Magic. Maybe this problem is HTC Dream (G1) specific? Can somebody acknowledge this?

The new onscreen joystick.

The tutorial for newbies.



1. OrganizedFellow - June 17, 2009

LOVE the game SpaceWars.
Found it via your Tweet http://twitter.com/tjerkw/status/2196000773

A few notes:
When playing against the Boss, there was no indication of the shots hitting him. I can’t tell if my shots miss or hit him.
The playing field seems too small, perhaps a wider view? Smaller ship?
It was too easy to select the highest weapon and just set autofire. Maybe limited supply of ammunition?

2. nark - June 21, 2009

The sensor on my ADP1 makes the game nearly impossible to play with it. Some simple smoothing would make all the difference in the world.

In games such as Raptor, there is a ground shadow ahead of upcoming cannon fodder to give you a 1/2 second heads up. Not sure if there is any solution in space, maybe a glow from the screen edge?

And lastly, I agree, boss hit indicator is needed.

Great job thus far!

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