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SpaceWars Update: Working on port to OpenGL!! July 11, 2009

Posted by tjerkw in Uncategorized.

Okay i really needed to update this blog. So here it is.

Short summary: i was busy with other things the last few weeks,  i decided to port the game to opengl for performance

Firstly: i did not have a lot of time for my game, i am almost done with my master thesis and it still needs some work, also i did several job interviews the last weeks in order to find a good job. And another thing i was busy with: i needed to migrate my server, that was a few days of work.

Anyway about the GAME!  The game is getting better however i am not satisfied with the performance. The performance is oaky when there is not a lot happening on the screen. However things become laggy when there are multiple ships and explosions. Therefore i decided to port the whole game to OpengL! This will make the game a lot faster! This choice requires a lot of work on the painting code of the game. However i think i will manager. The users will not see any new things in the game, they will only see that the game is a lot faster.

After that i am going to add more levels and more cool stuff (maybe 3d elements?). Anyway i will keep you updated!



1. mikelodean - November 5, 2009

but now it doesnt run at all! i will start, but it wants an update from market, but i´ve the newest … why cant i play it? i wanna be a beta tester! please!!! greetings from germany! mikelodean

2. Lysle - January 16, 2010

I thought this game seemed really cool, but maybe you stopped working on it it has been so long now. 😦

3. Tjerk Wolterink - January 17, 2010

I did not stop working on it. I am still working on porting it to opengl. But i also have a full time job now, so i do not have a lot of spare time to finish the game. I will update the one in the market once opengl is running.

4. mikelodean - January 17, 2010

may u can tell us an beta release date, or will it take so much time to just fix some problem?
this should not sound unpatient!

5. Droid Shooters - October 14, 2011

Hello there, reading that you where going to be making a open gl version of your game. Will you be making a desktop version too? We all like playing classic style space shooter games like this and I’d very much like to play this on my computer too. Not just on my droid. I have a Motorola Atrix, with the nvidia tegra 2 graphics chip. So I’m sure it can handle this game with no problems. 🙂

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