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The First Enemy Boss Ship! May 10, 2009

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Today I created the 3d model for the first boss enemy ship. All ships are premodelled in 3d with the open source tool called Blender. Then I render some images which can be used to create sprites for the game. 

To show you how the boss looks I created an 3d camera-fly-over animation, check it out:

Also an image that was rendered from above (thats how they well be used in the game):

Image of the new (and first) enemy boss

Image of the new (and first) enemy boss

Now that the sprites are ready I have to create the game-logic and code to make the new boss really a part of the game! 

Apart from that I have also created new explosion sprites this week, because i was not happy with the previous explosions sprites. Again Blender was used to create the images (blender has a powerful of particle engine, ideal for explosions).

I created two types of explosions: circle-wave explosions (with a hole in the middle) and solid explosions (without the hole). Some images of the explosions can be seen below:


The AirAttack Android Game in development! May 9, 2009

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Hello Everybody!

A few months ago I started developing a game for the Android Platform. The game, named AirAttack, is a classical 2d scrolling shooter game (ala Raptor).
Screenshots of the game. Shows the menu an the gameplay.

Screenshots of the game. Shows the menu an the gameplay.

To give everybody insights into the development process (and to get people excited) I thought about starting a weblog. So… Here it is!

Whenever I develop something new in the game I will post a message here with screenshots and occasionally some video material. So if you’re into Android, have an Android phone, or just like to follow a mobile game developer then this is the place to be!
In this first blog-post i will explain the current status of the game. Well lets start off with a video of the current game:



The game currently has the following features:
  • Multiple ways to contol the ship:
    • Trackball: moving and shooting
    • Accelerometer: moving (by tilting the device)
    • DPad: moving
    • Touchscreen: for switching weapons and firing the megabomb
  • Multiple weapons for the ship
    • Simple gun
    • Spray gun (variable #bullets and spread angle)
    • Missile gun
    • Boomerang weapon
  • There is a megabomb which destroys everthing
  • Multiple enemies
  • Multiple fly paths for the enemies (i alsa develop a PathCreator app to create fly paths for enemies)
  • Initial support for collecting credits (currently only coins, but other powerups will be added)
I am planning to built the following features:
  • Support for levels, and creation of levels
  • Support for different dificulty levels
  • More enemies
    • Multiple megabosses
    • Ground turrets
    • Mines (and a ship that places the mines)
  • Adding of a laser weapon
So this is my first post. I think my next post will be about the development environment that i use. However i will try to not go into the technical details too much. So i will try to never post code-listings and keep a focus on the game and the gameplay.
So are you excited? Do you have comments? Let me hear it!
You can also follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/tjerkw (if you’re into that)